I’m Jennifer Elizabeth, I am a blogger, Instagram-er, aspiring writer and photographer too.

Just recently I have become more and more interested in the minimal way of living and being at one with nature, I have found this has helped my mental health and well being enormously!

I will write about how to simplify your life and live with a mindful eco aware conscious, and my weight loss journey good and bad, I see so many people sharing diet tips from shakes to drinking vinegar I will not be doing that I am doing it the old fashioned way cutting out bad foods and exercising a lot more.
I have had issues with my heart recently that has given me a bit of a wake up call, (all is fine) however having a change in lifestyle has helped me greatly and in plan to share this along the way.

We live in a minimal plastic home simply meaning we use many eco friendly products like bamboo tooth brushes, shampoo bars and re-usable veg bags when shopping, my son who is 8 is very eco aware and loves telling all his friends about how to be more eco friendly and save the planet.

I am very much still on my journey to ‘find myself’ and continue to improve my mental health and physical well-being, I am discovering a new sense of joy and my own version of freedom and feeling at peace with myself.

Put very simply –

I started prioritizing what fed me the most and letting go of what wasn’t serving me.

Lets be friends.

Find me on Instagram… @lifestyleofjen
This is a new Instagram so I am building it back to where it was before.

If you are a brand and you think your values/products align with our values if you’d like to partner/collab please contact me.