Mindful practice…

I feel it is very important to be self aware and acknowledge your emotions no matter what they are this was something i found extremely difficult but I am still learning and getting to know myself more and more each day discovering the littlest things can make me feel elevated and de-stressed by looking at the flowers in the garden and having a lazy film night with my family all these little things helped me to progress into a much more mindful person…

Not too long ago I took really poorly with heart problems (I wont bore you with details) all is fine now and I am healthy. It was during this time I realized just how lucky I was to have the simplest of things a healthy child loving family food on the table and a comfy bed and roof over our head.
After gaining a clear report card from the doctor I decided it was tome to change my life and have a much more positive outlook on everything.

I found journaling and watched video and read books on how to journal and these are great but the truth is you do you, write however you want draw however you want if your feeling icky scribble all over the page for that day! After realizing all that it really helped journaling isn’t something I talk about really until recently. None of my friends or family are aware of my journaling path and mediation as I was doing all this to improve me and not looking for recognition on how I was doing. My journal was also used as a diary but my main focus was a daily quote and writing things I am grateful for now, these can be as simple as ‘I am grateful for the yummy lasagna I had for dinner’ or as complicated as you like, this is a personal process so you write what ever you feel and if you have had a rubbish day write it down try acknowledge why it was a bad day and what/if you can do anything to avoid those feelings/situations again.

I came across a book on manifestation and thought WOW this is me!
(I am not about to preach manifestation to you) If you want to find out the book I read was – The secret

(I am going to do a separate post on journals if you’d like to see that let me know in the comments)

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