Super easy chilled Lemonade…

I have seen so many wonderful ideas on making your own refreshing drinks, along the eco journey I have realised how many plastic bottle we are buying just for an over coloured over sugary drink, so we have decided to try and make our own yummy drinks this is the basic recipe that we have then adapted to add various different fruits and flavors.

This is all our ingredients.

You will need –

Lemons (we used 3 large organic unwaxed lemons)
Water (1.5ltrs
Sugar 100G (this is half the recommended amount so test and adjust to your liking)
Sterilized bottles (glass or reuse plastic ones – we have used both.)

Method –
Our method may be different to others you’ve found on google but this is how we do it!

1. Measure out your sugar, we measure 5.5oz (we have vintage scales)
2. Pour sugar into the bottle of your choice.
3. squeeze or juice 3 lemons, we strain the juice so there is no pulp but if you don’t mind bits just leave it.
4. Pour the fruit juice into the bottle with the sugar.
5. Top up with a little eater around 200ml, and shake that bottle! (give it a good shake to mix up the fruit and sugar and start dissolving the sugar.
6. Fill the rest of the bottle with cold water shake again and place in the fridge.

In a few days enjoy your lemonade over ice and a slice in the sunshine!

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