Our First guest blog ..

Lilac lemonade –

This amazing recipe and blog has been written by the lovely folk over at @brownspottedgreenmum Go check them out for more amazing ideas!

Here it goes …

Until this year, I only used my beautiful lilac blossom to brighten up my home and garden.

I didn’t know you could use the flowers in the kitchen until I came across a recipe on the internet. I wanted to try that!
I have followed the recipe nicely, but also put my own spin on it. I myself have chosen to use cane sugar, but it should also work with honey, only then the process is a bit different because you do not add the honey until the syrup has cooled down a bit.

I boiled out a bottle and a large preserving jar to make them sterile.

After that I picked a colander full of flowers and removed all the flowers from the bunches, I washed them well and put them in a 2liter pot together with an organic lemon.

Then I filled the jar to the brim with water.

I left it in the sun for 2 days, (next time I would do 3 days, but I was too impatient)

Then sieve the water with the flowers and lemon through a clean tea towel.

I added 750 grams of cane sugar to the 2 liters of lilac water and boiled it for 10 minutes. Next time I would put a little less sugar in it because now the sweet sugar taste is very prevalent, it can be kept for a little longer, but it will still be up within 2 months I think😊

The taste is special and delicious! It reminds me of lychees, the kids love it as lemonade and I have used it several times to make cocktails, delicious!

I keep it in the sterile glass bottles in the basement and in the refrigerator when they are open.

I will definitely be trying out this incredible recipe idea by @brownspottedgreenmum

Thank you for reading
Jennifer X

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