Wild flower arranging…

One of my favourite things about living in the country side is the abundance of wild flowers, walking along the river bank is great for the mind and home décor lifts.
We walk daily along the river and have just recently noticed some little pathways through fields so we turn off sometimes and end up walk through the gorgeous Norfolk country side.

There’s such an array of wild flowers, we never take from the fields, if we snip anything it is from the hedge rows however remember don’t get greedy the wildlife live in these areas make sure there is plenty left for the bees, hedgehogs, deer, butterflies and bugs!

We took our garden snips and set off on our little walk, we collected some cow parsley, dandelions, wheat, long grasses and daisies from our garden we gave them all a good shake and drink before arranging.

here is a small selection of the flowers (excuse the dust pan in the corner haha)

The vase I used is actually a storage jar from Poundland, I love using anything I find around the house I have a selection of vintage jugs and cups I use also but this time round I wanted a simple glass vase. I prep the flowers just like any other bouquet, snipping the ends taking off leaves etc… A little tip I have when your filling your jar with water add a pinch of sugar this helps the flowers stay looking fresh for longer.

When I am arranging flowers especially wild flowers I do not stick to the typical rules for making everything pretty it is a case of chucking stuff in the vase I also let my son help me because then I am guaranteed and crazy and wild arrangement.
If I am making these for gifts or arranging a ‘proper’ bunch/arrangement I take a little more time.

It really is that simple, I am working on a more in depth floral arrangement blog so if youd like to be kept up to date with it all follow us for notification on our new posts.

You can also find us on Instagram @JenniferElizabethHome

Thank you for reading


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