Gardening by an 8 years old!

Hi I am Seb I have a huge garden it is 3/4 of an acre me my mummy and Gavin have been clearing all the over grown areas a putting in vegetable patches and flower beds … my mummy loves flowers and likes to make pretty bouquets for everyone.

The tools that I like to use are Wolfgarten rake and hoe and garden snips, I also like to use the wheel barrow to take all the off cuts to our compost heap.
Two of my really good tips are-
1. If you want to do rows of planting you can use bamboo/long wood sticks or the end of a broom to make lines in the soil this helps you know where to put the plants, I make sure my rows are 10cm apart this lets the plants have space to grow.
2. To plant potatoes you gently push it down in the soil then put some wood chip/hay or compost over the top and leave it to grow in a few months you will have yummy potatoes to make salad/chips/jacket potatoes or roasties.

I really enjoy weeding because it is satisfying to pull up the roots and it also means you can clear as much as you want and if you ask your mummy like I did you could have your own veg patch I want to grow – carrots, potatoes, peas, peppers, corn, parsnips, lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes.
I am going to help weed another section because I would also like my own flower bed I will grow – Lilies, tulips, hydrangeas, hyacinths, roses, sunflowers, asters and alliums my favourite allium looks like a fire work.

I am already growing some of my veg which is peas, tomatoes, strawberries. sunflowers and lettuce. When these have grown big enough I will plant them in my veg patch outside to grow even bigger so we can eat the all up!

Thank you
Jennifer and Sebastian
Instagram – @jenniferkhome

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