Family favourite meatballs…

This is my secret recipe so you guys are lucky!!!!!!
My mum doesn’t know what I do to the meatballs … well I guess she will now (just a hint I really don’t do much). I am not a fancy chef I chuck stuff together and if its good I take note if it more for the bin we never speak of the disaster again, however these ridiculously simple meatballs our my sons favourite quick lunch/dinner.

Ingredients –
Part baked baguettes
Meat balls (which ever kind you like we used beef)
Tinned tomatoes
BBQ sauce x3 tbsp
Paprika x1tsp
Onion/any extra veg we used sweetcorn and carrots as extra.

Method –
1. Brown off the meat balls and bake the baguettes acording to instructions, is youre using an aga cook meat balls in a frying pan on the simmering plate. The baguettes i baked for 5 minutes in the roasting oven.
2. Add the chopped onion and any extra veg is you wish to the meat balls. Once the baguettes are out the oven cut them down the centre and set aside.
3. Chuck in the tinned tomatoes, BBQ sauce and Paprika and mix well keep stirring every now and then but just allow the tomatoes etc… to warm through.
4. Place the meatballs and saucy goodness in the baguettes I stuff the baguettes so the are over flowing with sauce. If there is any remaining spread the sauce over the top and cover in cheese
5. Place back in the oven (roasting oven on aga) Leave for about 5 minutes the cheese will melt and the baguettes will soak up all the saucy while they finish baking.
Remove from the oven and serve, we served with a small salad as these are extremely filing.

These don’t look great but trust me they are bloomin delish!!

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