Our home and lifestyle

So here goes nothing our first post…

We are fortunate enough to live in a stunning part of the Nofolk countryside, just set back from the river Great Ouse, our home is a quaint cottage full of rustic charm original beams and old school Aga cooker.
It has two bedrooms and unusually for a cottage a very open plan living, kitchen and dining area. My sons bedroom is downstairs and has its own shower room so he feels like a ‘big grown up’ with his own space, the whole upstairs is the master and bath room with Victorian roll top bath.
The décor is very minimal at the moment which I quite like but I am in need of some pictures and some decorative touches just to make it finally a more homely home.

The garden and views is the stuff of our dreams with an acre of garden to play around with and the incredible views of the river id be hard pushed too say which is my favourite view.

We started planting in the garden almost as soon as we moved in, we are now the proud owners of 5 vegetable patches a herb garden, chicken coop, flower bed in the making and an abundance of fruit trees (apple, pear, plum, elderflower, quinces) Just think of all the wine and beer we can make.

I personally have just began my journey through the law of attraction and manifestation (I am not about to preach all this to you). I was really struggling with my mental health and outlook on life and discovered a book on manifestation and I fell in love I am in the process of creating a vision board, and have started making sure I take some time for myself daily whether that’s through meditation, just chilling in the bath or journaling I have found that taking this time helps to clear my mind a focus me.
My son has also struggled with a few mental health issues, so every night before we kiss and hug each other to wish a good night we think about 3 things we are happy/grateful for something we cold improve on and something we can achieve the following day, this has really helped him in having a focus and goal in his mind ready for the following day and something to look forward to.

Jennifer K

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